Most say Jim Formanek is a very creative guy. Others would call him ambitious. Some would say he is restless.

They would all be right.

Formanek has recently started marketing another new service. Pro Skinz Detailing joins Pro Skinz and Design, which Formanek has operated since coming to Wadena as a high school art teacher in 1994. During his time in Wadena Formanek has also taken a crack at the restaurant business and tried his hand at cooking. He presently works nights at Maasconi's Char & Bar, a Verndale business owned by his good friend, Jim Maas.

Pro Skinz Detailing has given Formanek yet another reason to keep three balls in the air. He started seriously marketing his new business a month ago but it is a a service he had actually had a hand in for some time.

"It's starting out well," Formanek said. "It's the time of year when everyone is tired of the winter grime on their vehicles. If you think about it, we really live in our vehicles now. You think about business people-they are always driving somewhere, meeting clients. Having a nice, clean vehicle not only makes you feel better but it's a health concern. You would not believe some of the things that come out of carpet."

Formanek has videos showing the kind of dirt that detailing can bring out of even relatively clean interior which he considers "amazing."

"If you think of the mold and the mildews that are built up in that it is very, very unhealthy." Formanek said. "All of these people who are suffering from allergies of all kinds. We are eating in our cars constantly and no matter what happens you are spilling something here and there. It's extremely unhealthy for vehicles to be that dirty."

Formanek also pointed out that manufacturers make their vehicles very tight these days. There is no wind noise and no road noise. It also means that everything that a person has in their vehicle, stays in their vehicle. A smoker's vehicle can be identified instantly.

So how does Formanek charge for his detailing services?

"When people first call me or message me they ask me 'how much does it cost for this?'" Formanek said. "Basically what I tell them is 'what you are asking me to build you house but not tell me what kind of a house you want or what kind of woodwork you want in it. I can't tell you a price, I have some base figures, I have a range that I have planned for each stage but I want to see the vehicle and then I will tell you what it is going to cost.'"

Seeing the vehicle first gives Formanek what it needs and may not need and he adjusts the price accordingly.

"I have a base price in my head and on paper but it's really a quote," Formanek said. "You are not going to pay for what you don't need."

Some of the factors that find their way into the quote are how big the vehicle is, how dirty it is, if there are hazardous chemicals or materials in the vehicle," Formanek said. "I want to protect myself too."

Formanek said detailing is the kind of work that not everyone can do. He was once at a point where he wanted to lose some extra pounds. Detailing work has helped. It is strenuous work.

"You are laying around a lot, you are on your knees you are sitting on the ground. It's a physically demanding job."

Detailing actually fulfills the artist in Formanek.

"I really consider detailing an art thing," Formanek said. "You have to know what you are doing and how to get things clean and it's not just something that everyone can do. There is a lot of learning that has to be done in order to do it."

"What's fun for me is always learning something new and trying something new," Formanek said. "It keeps my brain going."

Formanek has made a major financial investment to get into detailing.

"To do it professionally you need to have the equipment. I have the equipment, I have the skill set and I have the hard work,"

But detailing work is just one more business that appeals to the artist in Formanek.

"My favorite thing in life is taking something and making something out of it," Formanek said.

Pro Skinz Detailing is located at 1021 1st Street SW in Wadena. You can reach Formanek at (218) 639-1691 or by visiting