Jamie Erckenbrack has been rubbing shoulders, releasing tension, and relieving those pesky aches and pains for almost 20 years. Recently she took her business to the next level, operating out of an office in downtown Wadena. Inner Balance Massage Therapy is about peace and comprehensive massage. Her new office opened on June 27.

“After college I didn’t know what to do with myself, and so I thought massage therapy sounded fun,” said Erckenbrack during a brief tour of her new office. The cozy location emphasizes tranquility and calm. It comes equipped with mood lighting, salt lamps, and decor that promotes inner balance. Like most massage therapy, her services center around a specialized table which she keeps in the back of her office. The large table is designed to accommodate people of all shapes and sizes so Erckenbrack can reach every knotted muscle.

Erckenbrack attended Body Wisdom School of Massage Therapy where she completed approximately 650 hours of training prior to certification. Her favorite part of massage is simply making people feel better.

Erckenbrack has seen a spike in customer traffic after opening the office. Before, she was constrained to offering her services to friends and family. Having a storefront has allowed her to bring in new clients at a much faster rate without the hassle of lugging around a large massage table.

In the future Erckenbrack plans to add hot stone to her list of services. Hot stone is a massage technique that involves placing heated river stones on various parts of the body. She is also considering rain-drop technique, a type of massage that incorporates essential oils.

Currently Inner Balance Massage Therapy does the majority of appointment booking via Facebook.

For more information contact Jamie Erckenbrack at 218-639-6860.

The business is located at 318 South Jefferson Suite 1B in Wadena.