After years of work, months of anticipation, weeks of taste testing and days of fine tuning, Leeseberg's Sweet Treats Bakery will finally open Thursday, Sept. 26, in downtown Wadena.

The new bakery opens in the previous bakery building after it's been shuttered for the past seven years. Several articles have been written about the baking endeavor, led by local business owner Lisa Leeseberg. She had plans of opening the bakery back in 2015 but the busy owner of Larry's Family Pizza said gutting out the former bakery and starting from scratch has come with various challenges including meeting the strict guidelines of the health department.

Leeseberg's heart is in the pizza restaurant, but she was always interested in seeing Wadena keep a great bakery going, too. She's excited about the growth in businesses in the community and looks to see this as a successful part of downtown Wadena.

With license to bake in hand, Leeseberg was busy working with a whole new staff Monday -- after she finished working the lunch hour at her restaurant and before she picked up her kids from school. At her side was the business manager Tammy Waln.

Waln said she's not managed a bakery before but was a big fan of baking. She was guiding staff as they made cakes, cupcakes and donuts on Monday. She pressed a toothpick into two chocolate cakes fresh out of the oven, testing if they were done. They were just right.

"We're finally ready, I think," Waln said. "It will be nice to have a hometown bakery back in town."

Waln said she's a morning person, so the 2 a.m. starts to make sure the baked items are ready by 6 a.m. doesn't bother her. About six to eight staff will help get the business on its feet.

The business will be open Monday - Saturday starting at 6 a.m. It's not yet clear what hours the store will remain open. Leeseberg said they will adjust them depending on the traffic that they see coming through the doors. She plans to have the cases full for the Thursday morning rush.

Visit this totally new bakery in the old Wadena bakery building at 205 Jefferson St. S. or call them at 218-631-6199. Plans for a grand opening could be coming in another couple weeks.

What to expect

You can order just about anything that can be baked in their ovens or fried in the donut fryer. But you can also grab fistfuls of other delights including round donuts, twists, muffins, caramel rolls, fritters, frozen cakes, cookies, bars, pies, buns and breads. Wash them down with coffee or dip them in frozen yogurt. How you enjoy them is up to you.