The '80s. The year many made their way around town with their slap bracelets and Trapper Keepers. After the after school special, maybe you and the family headed over to try out the recently released original pan pizza from Pizza Hut.

You just may get to relive those memories over a steaming hot pizza pie in the not too distant future-some of them.

A big change is expected to come to the Pizza Hut in Wadena as the new investors plan for a major remodel of the restaurant, which looks to be a throwback to the 1980s era. The Wadena location has more or less remained the same over the years, and the future update is a big investment in the store.

Some work already happening at the site includes painting of the exterior, but with corporate approval, Comes Investment vice president Mark Hauder said the pizzeria will take on the "classic" design, one that most designs went away from in the early '90s. The red and white checker tables, the stained glass Pizza Hut lighting, perhaps even the red plastic cups.

This nod to the past is in line with the Pizza Hut brand, which recently went back to an old logo used from 1967-1999, the classic red roof over big black lettering, according to Business Insider.

The change of ownership was May 28 and Hauder said the Wadena store purchase was part of a buying of five Pizza Huts also including Park Rapids, Litchfield, St. James and Blue Earth. With the purchase of these five, they now own 28 stores.

"We only have three that are primarily delivery," Hauder said. Everything else is what he likes to call the "Hometown Hut, "restaurants that deliver a sit-down experience and gathering place for the community.

Hauder said in buying these restaurants, the investors look to renovate them so that they better represent a go-to restaurant in town.

"They're a diamond in the rough," he said.

With renovations also comes changes to the menu. Hauder said hungry customers should be able to continue to enjoy both eat-in and delivery options. He added that in addition to pizza buffet a full salad buffet continues. Soon returning to the menu is beer.

Hauder said the restaurant plans include a short closure when some of the major work is being done by local contractors, including the tile flooring.

Hauder said the return to the classic design harkens back to his childhood memories of eating at Pizza Hut.

"My kids missed that growing up," Hauder said. He hopes, in the not too distant future, you'll be able to take a trip back in time at the local pizzeria.

Pizza Hut has more than 16,000 restaurants and 350,000 team members in more than 100 countries.