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Roll out the barrels: Drastic Measures Brewing opens March 15

Doebbeling carefully inspected the color, temperature, and taste of the beer during a brief tour of his new brewery. Michael Denny/Wadena Pioneer Journal1 / 10
The batches are nearing completion in the brew house. Michael Denny/Wadena Pioneer Journal2 / 10
Equipment in the brewery came from several different manufacturers. Brite tanks and fermenters are needed to make tasty beer. Michael Denny/Wadena Pioneer Journal3 / 10
Drastic Measures Brewing has been a highly anticipated addition to downtown Wadena. Michael Denny/Wadena Pioneer Journal4 / 10
Six batches of beer are completed as of now. Michael Denny/Wadena Pioneer Journal5 / 10
Drastic Measures Brewing even has its own unique growlers. Michael Denny/Wadena Pioneer Journal6 / 10
Brett Doebbeling was busy crunching the numbers and sampling beer. Michael Denny/Wadena Pioneer Journal7 / 10
The brewery is equipped with a very modern serving area. Michael Denny/Wadena Pioneer Journal8 / 10
The Drastic Measures team has invested a lot into their brand and beer. Michael Denny/Wadena Pioneer Journal9 / 10
The long awaited Drastic Measures Brewing will open on March 15, 2019. Michael Denny/Wadena Pioneer Journal10 / 10

The long awaited Drastic Measures Brewing will finally open on March 15 in downtown Wadena. After several months of intense construction and renovation in the former hardware store, Brett Doebbeling will open his doors and share his unique brand of beer with the community.

Doebbeling was previously the head brewer at Disgruntled Brewing in Perham. He brings with him years of experience in the brewing business and a passion for crafting high quality adult beverages.

Doebbeling sat in the brewery carefully calculating pressures and various other elements of making beer last week. His yellow legal pad was filled with scratch figures and complex math. According to Doebbeling, six batches were ready for the March 15 grand opening. His plans for opening are simple and straightforward, open the doors and let residents of Wadena enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Good beer needs a good meal to go with it. Doebbeling understands the importance of providing food in his contemporary brewery. He decided to add a kitchen to the brewery, what exactly will be served is still a secret. Doebbeling wants that to be a surprise for patrons.

"Just to have construction done is a huge weight off my shoulders," said Doebbeling. The interior of the brewery has evolved drastically in only a couple of months. The old hardware store has undergone a complete transformation. Doebbeling and his team have been putting the finishing touches on the tap room, and putting in furniture, in addition to brewing beer. An estimated $1 million has been invested into the business prior to its opening.

Doebbeling poured an amber glowing glass of his finest brew and held it up to the light, during a recent tour of the building. The frothy rimmed beverage caught the light perfectly. Doebbeling gleefully tasted the beer after measuring the temperature of the liquid. The beer clocked in at the perfect temperature, cold and refreshing. The beer is concocted and served in accordance to tradition, something Doebbeling takes very seriously.

Community members eagerly wait for Drastic Measures Brewing to open and join the downtown area. Many are clamouring for a new watering hole, where they can get a drink and maybe a bite to eat. The grand opening will be March 15 and they will be open from 3-11 p.m. Regular hours will be Wednesday and Thursday, 3-10 p.m., Friday, 3-11 p.m., Saturday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., and Sunday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.