• Anthony C. Caputo and Stevie L. Caputo, married to each other hereby conveys to Jeremy Christopher, SE1/4 SW1/4 SE1/4, Section 33, Twp. 135, Rg. 33.
  • Kenneth J. Senkyr and Diane L. Senkyr, married to each other, hereby conveys to Dale Roger Warner and Jayne Ann Warner, as jt ten, Lot 3 of Block 2 of M.D.C. Fifth Addition.
  • Charlotte Killian, single person, hereby conveys to David Walter Hillukka and Laura May Hillukka, as jt ten, NE1/4 NW1/4, Section 16, Twp. 138, Rg. 35.
  • William D. Miller as Trustee of the Supplemental Needs Trust for Kristie Bohline created under the Last Will and Testament of Robert E. Miller, Sr., hereby conveys to Trenton J. Benson and Alyssa M. Miller, as jt ten with rights of survivorship, Lot 41, in Auditor’s Plat of Nimrod Townsite and that part of Reserve Lot I of Auditor’s Plat of Nimrod, described as: commence at the NW corner of Lot 41, Auditor’s Plat of Nimrod, thence W parallel with the N line of Lot 42, 25’; thence S parallel with W line of Lot 41, 60’; to the NW corner of Lot 42, thence E along N line of Lot 42 to the SW corner of Lot 41; thence N along W line of Lot 41 to point of beginning.
  • Ellen M. Kramer Anderson and Scott G. Anderson w&h, Michael A. Kramer and Brenda K. Kramer, h&w; Sean A. Kramer and Kelly L. Kramer, h&w; Steven P. Kramer and Judy Kramer, h&w; Gregory G. Kramer and Janice M. Kramer, h&w; Brent Kramer and Sherry Kramer, h&w; and Eric Kramer and Angela M. Kramer, h&w, and Susan T. Tast and Michael L. Tast, w&h; hereby conveys to Susan T. Tast and Michael L. Tast, w&h as jt ten, SE1/4 NE1/4 and NE1/4 SE1/4, Section 11, Twp. 135, Rg. 35.
  • Blueberry Development LLC, hereby conveys to Christopher J. Knapp, Unit 1 of Wadena County CIC #2, a Planning Community Blueberry Pines.
  • Elizabeth R. Yungbauer, aka Elizabeth Yungbauer, single person, hereby conveys to Tyler M. Willis and Minette S. Willis, as jt ten, Lot 7, Block 1, Boe Addition to Verndale.
  • Randy E. Peterson and Christa Peterson, married to each other; and Vicky Lee Rholl and James Rholl, married to each other, hereby conveys to Allen A. Uselman, Lot 4 and the N 10’ of Lot 5, Block 3, Peake & Murray’s Subdivision of Peake’s Second Addition to Wadena.
  • Nicole S. Hall, single person, hereby conveys to James E. Walter, that part of the NW1/4 SW1/4 of Section 5, Twp. 134, Rg. 35, described as: beginning at the point of intersection of W line of First St NW with S line of Fir Avenue, thence Wtly in S line of Fir Ave, 150’; thence Stly, parallel with the Wtly line of First St NW, 75‘; thence Etly, parallel with the Stly line of Fir Avenue, 150’; thence Ntly, in Wtly line of First St NW, 75’; to the point of beginning.
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