Lakewood Health System has expanded their alternative health service offerings, which now includes massage therapy, therapeutic cupping, and acupuncture. These services can be done in addition to clinical services, or separately.

Types of massage therapy include Swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger point, aroma, hot stone, prenatal, postpartum and post-surgical. All massages are done by certified massage therapist, Laura Sonenstahl. New to Lakewood is therapeutic cupping, also done by Sonenstahl, and acupuncture, done by Jenna Niggeler, licensed acupuncturist.

Therapeutic cupping uses specialized cups that are suctioned in place, mostly on the back and shoulders.Though not backed by research, cupping may increase blood flow to the given area, reducing pain from injuries. Acupuncture uses very thin needles, which are painlessly inserted at very specific points on the body. These treatments are intended to promote healing, reduce pain, increase blood flow and relieve symptoms related to anxiety, headaches, osteoarthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain and more.

Lakewood's alternative health therapists work with patients to determine their needs, whether it be relaxation, pain relief or healing. To schedule an appointment for massage therapy or therapeutic cupping, call 218-894-1515. For acupuncture, please call 218-894-8425.