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TCHC introduces foot care clinics

Starting in May, Tri-County Health Care is introducing monthly foot care clinics at each of its six locations. The purpose is to monitor the health of an individual's feet while providing a thorough cleaning. The cost is $25 per appointment.

Specially trained licensed professionals will treat patients to a toenail trimming and filing, foot inspection, foot soak, cleaning, moisturizing massage and callus treatment. If an issue is found, they will refer patients to their provider.

At their first appointment, patients will also receive a free foot care kit that contains a basin, pumice stone, nail file and lotion. The kit will be used only by that patient to ensure consistency and sanitation. They should bring the kit to all subsequent visits. A small fee will be charged if they require a new kit.

The Wadena and Henning clinics will host foot care once a month, while Ottertail, Verndale, Sebeka and Bertha clinics will host every other month. The first two months are scheduled as follows:

• Wadena: May 9, June 13 — second Wednesday of each month

• Henning: May 18, June 15 — third Friday of each month

• Ottertail: May 10 — second Thursday, every other month

• Verndale: May 15 — third Tuesday, every other month

• Sebeka: June 14 — second Thursday, every other month

• Bertha: June 20 — third Wednesday, every other month

Offering this as a service separate from regular clinic check ups creates more time for patients to spend with their provider addressing other health care questions or concerns.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (218) 631-3510.