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Sebeka Fire and Rescue receives TCHC Foundation grant

A representative from Zoll shows members of Sebeka Fire and Rescue how to use the ResQPUMP, which is one of the components of the ResQCPR System. ResQCPR is an FDA-approved CPR device that can improve the likelihood of survival after cardiac arrest. Courtesy photo.1 / 2
The ResQPOD, one of the components of ResQCPR System, regulates airflow during cardiac arrest to improve blood flow to the heart. Courtesy photo.2 / 2

The Tri-County Health Care Foundation recently awarded a $1,295 grant to Sebeka Fire and Rescue for the purchase of a Zoll ResQCPR System. After receiving the device, all 19 first responders/firefighters of Sebeka Fire and Rescue attended a training hosted by a Zoll representative.

ResQCPR can provide near-normal blood flow to the brain and vital organs during cardiac arrest, which occurs when an individual's heart malfunctions. This is the only CPR device that has been approved by the FDA for improving the likelihood of survival after cardiac arrest, with a 49-percent increase in one-year survivals.

This system is made up of two components: the ResQPOD ITD 16 and ResQPUMP ACD-CPR Device. ResQPOD regulates airflow, resulting in improved blood flow to the heart and less pressure in the head. ResQPUMP further increases blood flow by compressing and then expanding the chest.

"We're very excited to have this new system because it will allow us to perform higher quality CPR and potentially save more lives," said Sebeka Fire Chief Dean Haman.

The Tri-County Foundation accepts grant applications semi-annually. The deadline for the next grant is Sunday, April 15.

To learn more or to apply for one of the Foundation's grants, visit