Look good, feel good, play better.

That might be one result of a recent donation from Wadena State Bank to the Wadena-Deer Creek Hockey club.

After a discussion this summer with WDC head hockey coach Scott Woods, Wadena State Bank executive vice-president Jeff Browne decided one way the bank could help the club was by donating funds to buy the team some new gear to wear on the ice, Woods said.

The $1,200 from the bank allowed the hockey club to buy 25 pairs of "breezers" -- that's what hockey players up north call them anyway. Others might know them as "hockey pants." Either way, they are loose shorts of sorts, fitting tight only at the waist. They loosely cover the gear underneath to provide protection and give a sharp look to the players uniform.

Browne said the bank is always willing and excited to support all youth sporting activities at the school.

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Woods said the donation was very much appreciated as previously the team had some aged breezers that never looked as good as these matching pairs do. These should last the team for many years to come.