Dr. Julie Meyer, M.D. is back in the area to provide care to a wide range of patients at Tri-County Health Care's Wadena Clinic.

Dr. Meyer, a graduate of Perham High School, specializes in obstetrics, women’s health, and pediatrics and has experience in geriatric care. Prior to joining the medical staff at Tri-County Health Care, Dr. Meyer was a top family practice and obstetrics provider at Carris Health in Willmar. In March, she was named a Top-5 finalist for the 2020 Family Physician of the Year by the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians.

“I enjoy providing care for a pregnant mother, delivering the baby, and eventually caring for the whole family,” Dr. Meyer said. “It really blossoms into a full spectrum of family care and that part is very fulfilling to me.”

As a top obstetrics provider in Willmar, Dr. Meyer delivered between 50-70 babies each year. She makes it a high priority to come in for her own deliveries. Tri-County Health Care primary care providers are there for their obstetric patients through every milestone. These include the planning stage, pregnancy, delivery, postnatal care, and beyond.

Dr. Meyer is now accepting new patients at the Wadena Clinic.