As a grand prize winner for safety courses, Hunkes Transfer Inc. driver Aaron Decker won $10,000 from TLC Companies. Decker was expecting his scheduled review rather than this prize.

“I was really surprised. It’s not what I expected today for sure,” Decker said. “I’ve seen in the newsletter that they give this out but I’ve never seen Hunkes name show up for any of it so you figure, ‘Ah, we’re a small company and we’re not going to win anything’ so this was quite a surprise.”

In the relaxed atmosphere at the Hunkes Transfer dock area, employees joked about how the check would fit through the bank teller window and congratulated Decker as a driver who deserves the prize.

The prize is awarded each May as a part of TLC's Safety Top Dog Awards Program based on drivers completing safety quizzes at least once per quarter, according to the TLC website and safety professional Tim Hacht. During the safety meetings, drivers are told about 400-500 will qualify out of 12,000 with 9,500 eligible for the contest, according to Decker and Hacht.

“I still didn’t expect that my name would be drawn,” Decker said.