Bluff Creek Outdoors store opens just in time for fall hunting

The store takes over the inventory of the former Klinnert Seed and Outpost in New York Mills and moves it to Hwy 10 west of Bluffton.

Bluff Creek Outdoors is located at 35305 585th Ave, Bluffton. Michael Johnson/Pioneer Journal

BLUFFTON — When the Dykhoff family isn't geared up for sports, they're gearing up for the outdoors. The family brings their outdoors passion to their new Bluffton area business Bluff Creek Outdoors, which opened August 1.

The business takes over the inventory of Klinnert Seed and Outpost formerly of New York Mills and has set up shop in the vacated SonRise Christian School off Hwy 10 between New York Mills and Bluffton. Owners Wayne and Stacey Dykhoff are building up the business with new additions coming in daily as the fall season gets underway.

Hunting, fishing, food plot seed and more are up for sale at Bluff Creek Outdoors at the former SonRise Christian School near Bluffton. Michael Johnson/Pioneer Journal

The new store has many additions coming, according to Wayne. It already includes a selection of ammo, firearms, hunting gear, clothing, gun accessories, seed, hunting stands and blinds adn fishing gear. There are local additions like barbecue sauce, fishing spears and Canoe Paddle Kettle Corn in the mix. If you don't see something you need, let them know as Wayne is ordering items all the time in order to have something for everyone. They buy, sell and trade guns.


"We've probably got as good a selection of ammo as anybody," Wayne said.

Wayne is starting the business up while on sabbatical from his work at Minnesota State's linemen program. He and Stacey are also getting help from their children and relatives in filling the needs of the business.

"It will be very interesting to see where it goes," Dykhoff said of the new adventure. He hopes to pass the business off to his kids once he gets it well established. For now he looks to continue to offer what Klinnerts offered and build upon that business. Wayne said he plans to have over 100 guns on hand.

Once ice hits area lakes he plans to bring live bait to the store too. Outside the business, customers can checkout a line of Redneck deer stands and some wood furniture Wayne constructed.

The 4,000-square foot building includes former classrooms that are serving as storage for now. The former Christian school was built on the grounds of a former country school, a place Wayne's father went to school. The Dykhoffs live just a short drive from the outdoors store.

At this time, Dykhoff mounts scopes to rifles, but gunsmithing or bow work is something still down the road. He continues to search for a brand of bow to sell in store.

Business has been busy, including an increase in seed sales now that some rain has fallen in the area.

Bluff Creek Outdoors is open Tuesday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays 9 a.m. to noon. Contact them at 218-385-3576 or come find them at 35305 585th Ave., Bluffton.


Michael Johnson is the news editor for Agweek. He lives in the city of Verndale, Minn., but is bent on making it as country as he can until he returns once more to the farm living he enjoys. Also living the dream are his two children and wife.
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