Bloom MedSpa blossoms in Wadena

The non-surgical aesthetic options at Bloom MedSpa may be just what you've been looking for to take a few years off.

Bloom MedSpa in Wadena welcomes you in to meet with owner Samantha Bryce, left, and advanced injector Beth Connell.
Michael Johnson / Pioneer Journal

WADENA — If you’ve been looking to take a few years off your looks, there’s a new business in town eager to offer their services.

Bloom MedSpa held their grand opening on Wednesday, Nov. 2, at their new location at 122 Colfax Avenue SW, right above Wadena Family Dental office. They provide a plethora of non-surgical aesthetic services focused on helping you look healthy and young.

Those services include Botox, chemical peels, cosmetic skin tag removal, dermal fillers, facials, hair restoration, IV nutrient supplements, mesotherapy, microdermabrasion, micro-needling and PDO (polydioxanone) threads. These services are offered in their Wadena location with a variety of rooms set up for each occasion.

Need a quick boost to your immunity or perhaps a reboot after a hangover? Stop by the IV Bar at Bloom Med Spa to get started.
Michael Johnson / Pioneer Journal

Samantha Bryce, nurse practitioner, created the idea of Bloom MedSpa to help people feel more confident and build their self-esteem when she opened her first location in New London, Minn. She has a passion for making people feel good about themselves and she’s now expanded offerings with a location in Wadena. She’s joined by registered nurse Beth Connell, who works in the aesthetics business part-time.

The two built their careers in nursing (Connell continues to work in nursing in Alexandria). They began planning and training for this business about two years ago.


In opening both locations, Bryce shares that there is a lot of excitement around aesthetics, but there remains a lot of unknowns about the industry by the general public. She’s happy to answer questions and likes to take time during her consultations to go over what they can provide their clients.

Prescription grade skin care is sold at the Bloom MedSpa in Wadena.
Michael Johnson / Pioneer Journal

Bryce chose to open a location in Wadena because there just wasn’t much of an option for people to get these offerings locally.

“We decided to give it a try,” Bryce said. “Save people some miles really. Try to keep things closer to home."

Some of the most popular services are the Botox and micro-needling, a method of resurfacing the skin.

“We’ll continue growing as well, we’ll be bringing in some more natural aesthetic treatments, too,” Bryce said. She looks forward to working with the college locally to hire an aesthetician in the near future.

What is an aesthetician, you may be wondering?
An aesthetician, sometimes spelled "esthetician," is a skincare professional that focuses on bringing out the beauty of your skin. This can be addressed by seeking to decrease sign of aging; maintain skin health; and minimizing effects of sun exposure. This can be a form of pampering or a way to address specific skin concerns, according to WebMD.

There’s little doubt that Hailey Bieber's “glazed doughnut skin” trend will surely be more popular than Willem DaFoe’s ill-fated Beef Jerky Skincare Line of 2003 or Wilford Brimley's Boiled Chicken Skincare trend of 1987. But if I put that much oil on my face, I'd break out so violently that I would look more like an everything bagel.

The aesthetics industry is booming and it’s one for more affordable than the plastic surgery field.

“A lot of people think that this is kind of a luxury type service, we hear it all the time that they never knew it could be so affordable to do different types of services,” Bryce said.


She compared an anti-wrinkle injection to similar to having your hair done every three months.

Bryce grew up in Spicer, Minn., graduating from New London-Spicer High School in 2009. She is a board certified family nurse practitioner and has many years of nursing under her belt in different specialties. She has worked in long-term care, acute/hospital, homecare, and education.

Connell grew up in the Alexandria area. She followed a few paths before finding her passion as a nurse. She worked in health information/medical support for six years through the VA. She then went on to follow in the footsteps of her mother and became an LPN in 2015 and an RN in 2017. She has since completed her BSN and PHN. She has worked predominantly in a Critical Access Hospital as an RN but also has experience in geriatrics and education.

The women agreed that the world of aesthetics is a nice escape from that of the often hectic hospital setting. Rather than having people come to them with their medical emergencies, the aesthetic visit is far more relaxed and one customers look forward to.

The business will start out open for business Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. They will also try to be open by appointment beyond that.

They ask people to reach out to them to try to arrange a visit and/or consultation. Check them out at or search for Bloom MedSpa Wadena on Facebook or stop by at 122 Colfax Avenue SW.

M State commemorated the 60 years with a free class for students to gather and continue their education together.

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