Kent and Linda Solberg were named the 2019 Farm Family of the Year at the Wadena County Fair Saturday, June 22.

The program has existed for several decades and recognizes farmers that support the agriculture industry locally and on a state level.

A crowd gathered in the show arena for the morning events. To kick off the festivities the Solberg's were honored with the award. The announcer read their long list of farming accolades, which included awards, distinctions, and a dedication to animals.

Kent Solberg has been farming for the past 25 years. Throughout his long career he's raised dairy cows, beef, pigs, and chickens. Solberg is also the SFA Livestock & Grazing Specialist. He operates a farm north of Verndale in Wing River Township.

"It's nice to be recognized by your peers and neighbors for something," Solberg said. "It's an honor and humbling at the same time." Their farm serves as a place of learning. In the past they hosted interns and welcomed anyone that wanted to learn how to operate a quality farm. "That's a big part of our farm values, to be a place of learning," said Solberg.

With award in hand, the two walked off to enjoy what the fair had to offer. The Minnesota Farm Family of the Year program is sponsored by the University of Minnesota Extension.