Ben Robertson, M.D., and his Tri Orthopedics recently performed their 100th joint replacement less than a year after the program's launch. Tri-County hired Robertson full time and spearheaded the program in September of 2018, offering a full spectrum of orthopedic services. Joanne Olson of Wadena was the 100th joint replacement patient.

"I could hardly believe it," Olson said of being the 100th patient. "And for (Dr. Robertson) too. He's only been here since September. It's really good. And I really like him. Everybody is great here."

"That we have surpassed our goal of 100 joint replacement procedures so quickly is a thrilling accomplishment for our team and the Wadena area," Robertson said. "It's rewarding to know we were able to give so many people relief from their pain. We have high expectations as we continue with this program and look forward to serving the next 100 joint patients."

Olson had been suffering from arthritis pain in her left knee, so her primary care provider, Jill Wilkens, PA-C, referred her to Robertson. "After I found out about Dr. Robertson, then everybody I talked to said, 'He's the best there is. He did my hip. He did my shoulder. He did this and he did that. He's really good.' Then I wasn't scared. Not when I knew that he was so good."

Following her knee replacement surgery on June 3, Olson stayed for two days in the hospital before going home. Her recovery has been going well as she is consistent with her rehab, attending twice a week and enlisting the help of friends and family to do her exercises at home.

On June 14, Olson's care team and other Tri-County employees hosted a celebration for her and the program's milestone. Olson brought along her husband, Marlin; her son, Tom; and several friends and family members, who were all treated to lunch and cake.

"I just can't say enough about everything. Really. I don't know if there's words for everything. It's just really great. I've got to have my other (knee) done too, so I'll be back," Olson said and then laughed. "Maybe I'll be the 200th one."

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