During the hustle and bustle of June Jubilee, Lina Belar, executive director of the Wadena County Historical Society, decided to host a formal grand opening of the historical bookstore. After the recent closure of An Open Book in Wadena, the new bookstore housed within the historical society building is a welcomed addition.

The bookstore has been technically open since December but Belar wanted to use the local celebration to invite new people into the bookstore.

"We have a great selection of books, primarily dealing with the culture and history of the area," said Belar. The book store comes with over 150 titles focused on the glory of Minnesota life. Some authors from the area have even been invited to speak during the BookEnds series, a popular meet and greet where readers can interact with some of central Minnesota's writers.

"It celebrates people we know, our neighbors," said Belar. The area is home to many talented artists and authors and the book store serves as an opportunity to introduce locals to the indigenous talent. During the first day of the grand opening, author and historian, Paul Sailer was in attendance. Sailer has written two non-fiction books about the experiences of young people during WWII. His first book, "Oranges are Sweet," took eight years of research and four years of writing. "I had a Comrade," his second book, took 15 months to write.

His work places a great emphasis on research. "You can't write until you've done the research," said Sailer. Sailer has a unique brand of writing that blends real life events with thought evoking composition. "It's the creative part of writing that I really enjoy. I like to get sentences that cause an emotion with people," said Sailer.

Sailer mourned the loss of the local bookstore and was happy to see the Historical Society keeping up the tradition of showcasing local authors alive. To him the book store shows every positive aspect of Minnesota from local ornithology to canoe adventures.

The bookstore held a multi-day opening event, June 11-15.

For more information contact the Wadena County Historical Society at 218-631-9079 or by emailing 603wchs@arvig.net.