Some paint on canvas, some sculpt from clay, and others use their flesh as a living tapestry. Jamie Bryniarski has been placing his artwork on the skin of his customers for three years. He recently opened his tattoo shop in downtown Wadena.

Bryniarski Tattoo, has only been open for a short time but already has accumulated many customers. People vie for open spots in hopes that Bryniarski will transfer their vision from mind to body. A tattoo in his shop can take anywhere from a few hours to months depending on complexity.

Formerly Bryniarski owned a barber shop in Alexandria. After that shop closed, he made his way to Wadena. Bryniarski explained that he enjoys operating his own business as it allows him to make his own hours, which gives him more personal flexibility.

Bryniarski estimated that he's most likely applied thousands of tattoos. The process of receiving a tattoo requires several steps. First, a customer makes an appointment. Next the brainstorming and idea session takes place. Bryniarski proceeds to sketch out the design. This is a difficult process. "You want the tattoo to flow with the body," said Bryniarski. Transferring a sketch to a person's skin isn't easy. Every curvature, every angle, and every variable needs to be planned. Finally after getting the art just right, its printed and stencil is created. All that is left is the application.

During a brief tour of his newly opened shop, Bryniarski showed off his tattooing implements and work station. He has several pieces of art on display next to a sheriff's deputies uniform. The uniform belonged to his grandfather and Bryniarski keeps it close. Along with the uniform is the badge and holster his grandfather used.

Additionally Bryniarski went over some of the finer details of the tattoo business. At one point he showed of his tattoo pen, the main tool used by the artist. According to Bryniarski the pen cost him around $800. Everything is done with clinical precision, safety is of course key in this type of business. Contaminated items are always disposed of and the privacy of his customers is paramount. Bryniarski even commented that the lack of windows made his location even better because laws prohibit windows in a tattoo establishment.

On the business side of things, Bryniarski charges $100 an hour for his services. However, that charge only applies for skin contact. He explained that monitoring the exact amount of time ink meets skin is the only fair way to charge customers. He utilizes a special device for monitoring the exact time of skin contact. This way customers can take breaks without being charged for the full duration.

Bryniarski himself is covered with tattoos. His neck and arms display tattoos that represent life and death, others honor his family. His love for tattoos started when he was 16 when he received his first tattoo in Motley.

Bryniarski Tattoo is located at 318 Jefferson St S suite 4 in Wadena. His shop is open 8-4 p.m. Tuesday through Friday.