Mason Brothers held their annual Employee Safety & Recognition Day on Feb. 19.

Harry Harrison was present and announced that Mason Brothers will be celebrating their 100th year anniversary on May 20, 2020.

Mason Brothers is currently delivering to 350 grocery and convenience stores in a six state area. As they continue to grow, they are planning a 20,000 square-foot expansion to the warehouse. This area will be used to add 13 loading/unloading doors and expand the freezer section.

The 25 employees that received safety and longevity awards had 385 years of combined service to Mason Brothers.

Notable benchmarks were:

• Murlyn Kreklau with 45 years of service; he started working in the warehouse in 1973 and is now the Senior Account Manager.

• Jay Hutson has been the Director of Information Technology for 30 years.

• 25 year awards were given to Bonnie Sperling, the Executive Assistant and Bert Johnston with the Procurement Team.

• 20 year awards were given to Cindy Goeden from the Accounting Team and Bob Warner the Dispatch Supervisor.

• 15 year awardees: Andy Rach, Steve Weishair, Chad Carrick, Sam Frost, Ed Franklin, Tara Rentz, Brad Uberto, Shelby Cooper, Ryan McQuiston, Scott Mohr and Gregg Spencer.

• 10 year awardees: Sue Savage, Dean Enders and Dick Fink

• Five year awardees: Bill Winkles, Brock Kraft, Ron Bradhoft, Lindi Rousslang and Brianna Kopp.