A donation from the former Wadena Community Center helped the Maslowski Wellness and Research Center bring in some new equipment for the fitness minded folks of the area.

The fund paid for $15,978.82 worth of equipment running the gamut of the latest in fitness trends. One of those new additions is a Jacobs Ladder, a unique cardio machine that's like climbing a never-ending ladder. Another popular addition means the Mas now has two stair climbers so people can walk the stairs side-by-side.

The Mas facility director Eric Robb said with the latest additions, the facility is pretty much at capacity for equipment. Any new equipment in the future would likely include replacing outdated or worn out equipment. That being said, Robb said the equipment at the Mas is still in very good condition. While a few treadmills have surpassed 11,000 miles, they continue to operate well for the users.

"We're very, very fortunate to have a facility like this," Robb said.

The Mas offers a variety of options for all levels of fitness and all experience levels walk through the doors.

"We've got people that can barely move," Robb said. On the other end of the spectrum are a number of fitness fans who compete in physique competitions. Others simply use the facility as a place to meet up with their social circle.

On top of fitness, there's opportunities for relaxation at the hot tub and sauna; time for fun in the pool and party area; and the gym area offers a host of events throughout the year. Robb said daily passes have been through the roof in recent months, as many as 120 a day, as many people escape the cold and warm up in the 57,000 square foot wellness center.

If additional funds were to come forward for additions at the facility, Robb said on the list would be added or new features to the pool area.

What's coming

This spring members may notice a change in access to the Maslowski Wellness and Research Center. The center is looking at software that takes a picture of those scanning their access cards. It's an effort to make sure those using the cards actually have a membership.



What's new

The list of new equipment according to Mas facility director Eric Robb includes: Matrix Climbmill, Jacobs Ladder, Matrix hack squat, curl bar, Hoist calf raise, eight Hampton 45-pound rubber grip plates, four Torque fitness bumper plates (45 lbs), two Torque fitness bumper plates (35 lbs), two Torque fitness bumper plates (25 lbs), 2 Torque fitness bumper plates (10 lbs), 7-foot Power Bar, Safety Squat Bar and three Camp Collars.