After several years of fundraising, the pledges have been gathered and the construction costs of the Maslowski Wellness & Research Center have been covered.

The wellness center is a grand facility that emerged from the rubble of disaster. Its inclusion to the community was a point of great excitement. A massive building devoted to the health and wellbeing of Wadena seemed like a great idea. However, great things cost money and such a civic project would require fundraising.

Co-chair of fundraising for the project, Jeff Browne worked with local staff in order to mitigate the costs of construction. He and his team recently collected over $2.8 million in donated funds from the community. Donated money along with a variety of other funding sources made it possible to cover the $12,098,682 cost of constructing the building. In addition to the donated funds, the City of Wadena contributed $521,305 to the construction project. Insurance, disaster relief funds, and a variety of other sources covered the rest.

"It's a great accomplishment to raise that much in the community," said Browne.

It's a rare occasion for a local fundraiser to raise such a large amount of money. The fundraiser started before the wellness center opened in December 2014. Over the course of several years, the fundraising team utilized mass mailing and phone campaigns in order to generate donations. Recently, all donations were collected with the exception of two pledges, which equaled approximately $750.

The fundraiser was a success with roughly 450 donors. Over 100 percent of the pledged funds were collected.

Michael Craig, Co-chair of the fundraising effort with Browne, acted as the primary financial consultant. He had the difficult job of conducting face-to-face interviews with potential donors. Craig did a great deal of tax strategy for donors in order to maximize tax benefits while securing profits for the wellness center. When asked about the facility and its impact on the community, Craig said, "Absolutely wonderful, first class facility, very nice for a town of this size."

Craig praised the facility as being a calling card for professionals who use the facility for their day-to-day operations.

According to Browne, the city of Wadena was instrumental in the process of construction and fundraising. City officials aided the project in a multitude of ways, most importantly, they helped acquire the grant money while donating a rather large sum of civic funds.