Fine Art Backdrops has custom backdrops flying out the door. Owner and backdrop artist, Ashley Simmons has been working around the clock fulfilling orders for photographers around the world.

Recently Simmons shipped an order to a prominent photographer in Belgium. This order has spurred an interest in creating a glocal brand, specifically in places like Australia, Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland. Simmons is looking into ways to ship orders overseas while keeping shipping costs down.

In the fall, Simmons and her husband will be hosting several professional photo shoots at their studio. They will be hard at work creating competition images. These will be massive productions that require a great deal of set building, wardrobe, and of course, backdrops.

In addition to adding new clients she’s also been selecting brand ambassadors for her business. Joshua Guimbellot, a popular photographer from the Houston area and their first official brand ambassador, recently used one of her backdrops in a high profile photo shoot.

In the future, Simmons and her husband are planning a large scale expansion. The creative duo plans to expand to a larger building which would be used for both painting and photography. This building would also act as a showroom for their respective work. Her current studio is on the cozy side and Simmons has difficulty producing multiple projects.

“This all started in our dining room, so I’m grateful for the building we’re in now, which allows me to do much more than before,” said Simmons.

Simmons can be reached for more information by emailing