CBD is taking the world by storm. Mitch Hoihjelle and Joel Roggenkamp have brought the new and often misunderstood product to Wadena with Erica’s House of Wellness. Erica’s House of Wellness is a specialty shop that sells CBD oil and other hemp based products.

Things have been going well since they opened in early July. So far the biggest obstacle they have faced is simply educating the public on the difference between hemp and marijuana. Many are unaware that hemp has extremely low concentrations of THC and doesn’t produce the same effects of marijuana. The health benefits are also still misunderstood, Hoihjelle hopes to change that. Hoihjelle stated that around 60 percent of his customers are new to CBD products.

Currently Erica’s House of Wellness has a large collection of hemp products and will soon be adding CBD vape pens. There will be a variety of flavors as well.

Erica’s House of Wellness is located at 221 Ash Ave NE in Wadena.