Bryniarski Tattoo has been adding a unique artistic flair to downtown Wadena since it opened a few months ago. Tattoo artist and owner, Jamie Bryniarski has been getting regular work and has completed some incredibly unique tattoos.

Bryniarski commented that business has been good with a large chunk of his customers coming from Alexandria. According to Bryniarski about 30% of business comes from residents of Wadena.

Permanent make up is a new addition to the services offered by Bryniarski. Permanent makeup is essentially makeup that has been permanently etched onto the skin's surface. Through the process of microblading the tattoo artist can add permanent pigment to the skin. This technique is often used to add eyebrows.

Bryniarski is always working on new pieces and experimenting with his art. His shop is located at 318 Jefferson St S suite 4 in Wadena.