Drastic Measures Brewing keeps on brewing through the hot summer months. Owner of Drastic Measures Brewing, Brett Doebbeling, has seen a steady incline in patronage since the opening of the unique brewery and eatery in downtown Wadena.

“Really, really good. This is the busy time of year. It's hot and everybody wants to drink beer,” said Dobbeling when asked about his recent business.

Doebbling and his brewing crew have been hard at work coming up with new beer. Right now Doebbeling is rolling out the Sleeper Cell, a watermelon purée and the Imperial Stout, a beverage infused with chocolate and banana. Additionally, the crew is preparing a variety of IPA’s and preparing for Octoberfest.

Doebbeling enjoys operating his own business but running a brewery can be a tough job. Doebbeling finds himself wearing many different hats and taking on a multitude of projects that don’t necessarily involve beer. So far the biggest obstacle he's overcome is locking in the brewing process.

Drastic Measures Brewing is located at 101 Jefferson St S in Wadena.