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Israel strikes Gaza after militants resume rocket fire

A family in Israel close to the border watches the news just as the ceasefire is set to end. Suddenly a rocket launch can be heard from the Gaza Strip. The 72 hour truce is now officially over. It is the first of a salvo of rockets launched by Hamas militants. This one was intercepted by Israel's Iron dome system. The Palestinian militant group Hamas rejected any extension of the truce, saying Israel had failed to meet its demands -- lifting the blockade on the Gaza Strip and releasing prisoners. And so another family -- this time in Israel -- is forced to take cover to avoid bloodshed. Israel quickly responds. (SOUNDBITE) (English) ISRAELI GOVERNMENT SPOKESMAN MARK REGEV, SAYING: "Israel wanted to see this ceasefire succeed, we redeployed all our forces out of the Gaza Strip. We ceased all offensive operations against the terrorists in Gaza and we took up purely defensive positions. But Hamas this morning has opened fire on targets in Israel, on communities across the frontier. They have indiscriminately targeted men, women and children, and in so doing, Hamas has not only shown its total disregard for Israeli life, but has shown it has no qualms whatsoever about once again endangering and bringing tragedy upon the civilian population of Gaza." The army launches air strikes at what it calls 'terror sites' across Gaza. Palestinians, who had just returned to their homes during the ceasefire were forced to pack up their belongings and head back to the UN shelters, where they'd been seeking refuge. And the fatalites again resume. A child in Gaza dies, while another is wounded. (SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) WOUNDED CHILD, IBRAHIM SHANALA, SAYING: "I ran away but then it hit me in the back, and I could not walk." Negotiators in Egypt had worked tirelessly to extend the ceasefire and find a more enduring end to the month long conflict. Instead talks collapse, the fighting resumes and the death toll continues to rise.