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County to fix park roads

An important decision was made regarding county park roads at the June 21 Wadena County Board of Commissioners meeting.

Planning, Zoning and Parks Director Deana Skov told the board recent heavy rains have damaged roads in two parks: Bullard's Bluff and Knob Hill.

"Bullard's Bluff is in need of fill and blading," Skov said. "The main stretch of road from the county road to the circle drive around the campsite is scattered with potholes."

Skov added that Knob Hill also needs attention.

"Knob Hill had a culvert under the road closer to the camping area. The culvert partially collapsed, and with the heavier rain a couple of weeks ago, it washed the road out."

Skov asked the board to approve road repairs, which would involve replacing the culvert and fixing the adjacent road at Knob Hill, and spreading 40 yards of Class 5 gravel at Bullard's Bluff.

The money used for the projects would come from a Parks reserve account, which holds funds from forfeited land sales. Gilster Excavating could perform the work for about $1,120, according to an estimate provided to the county.

Ultimately, the board approved the repairs.

Other business

Assistant Highway Engineer Jeff Adolphson asked the board to reject the single proposal received for a bid opening for Intersection Safety Improvements because it was 56 percent above the engineer's estimate.  The board authorized the Highway Department to re-advertise the project.

Adolphson also asked for and received approval for final payment of Young Excavating for construction of Bridge 80J22 on 199th Avenue over the Cat River. 

Additionally, Adolphson updated the board on the status of two other highway construction projects. The mill and overlay project on CSAH 7 and CSAH 26 by Central Specialties has completed paving and aggregate shouldering, and will begin pavement striping as soon as weather permits.  The CSAH 26 Bridge Project is underway. One abutment has been poured and the second abutment was scheduled to be poured on June 21. The work is being performed by Redstone Construction.

Finally, Adolphson told the board ditch mowing is underway and magnesium chloride application has been completed.