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How to Lose Credibility

We provide shelter, food and safety for our cows and calves. Always have, always will.

Recently the Humane Society of the United States held a press conference to release an "undercover" video of abuse taking place on a hog farm in Wyoming. I'm sorry, but I smell a rat...and I don't just mean whomever may have been abusing animals.

Yes, I know that there are people out there that don't take care of their livestock and animals the way they should...and there are laws to protect against that. Yet when an organization comes forward with a video that's been pieced together from more than a month's worth of taping, I start to wonder.

When a press conference is held the day AFTER an announcement made with a large chain regarding hog facilities, I start to wonder.

When the last thing on the agenda is the health and well-being of the actual animal, I start to wonder.

When the group's goals supersede the health and well-being of the animal, I start to wonder.

We raise cattle on our farm. We do the best job we can, and have to deal with elements that aren't always ideal. The weather, the animals, the's all subject to change and cannot be rationalized with or reactions guaranteed. And yet, if someone were to abuse our animals, I would not wait a month or more to take care of the situation.

If my true intentions were to protect the animal, my reaction would be immediate and substantial.

But that's not the way HSUS works...and I see a familiar pattern developing. In my opinion, they've lost all credibility as an "animal rescue" operation - not that they had much to start.

No, the only humane society that I will support will be a local group, one that I watch care for animals each day, that I see taking strays and abandoned animals and finding them good homes. They don't need a press conference to announce their work.

And they wouldn't wait a month to save an animal.