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Blueberry Township conservation funds available for 2011

Applications are now being accepted for the funds available through the Blueberry Township Conservation Fund. The money is to be used for projects that benefit the natural resources in Blueberry Township. Creation of the fund was the result of residents asking if the township could help with expenses that organizations were incurring in trying to protect and promote natural resources of the township. Applications are available to organizations which may need additional funds.

Funds are available only to organizations, not private citizens. A match of 75/25 is required (i.e. for every one dollar granted a match of 25 cents from the organization is to be spent towards the project.) Projects must take place within Blueberry Township. Applications will be reviewed by a citizen committee which will make recommendations for funding to the board at the Feb. 12 regular monthly meeting prior to the March annual meeting. Recipients will be notified at the annual township meeting.

Applications can be obtained by contacting Kari Tomperi, Blueberry town clerk, at (218) 564-5335 or by e-mail at Applications must be mailed to Blueberry Township P.O. Box 348 Menahga, MN 56464 or hand delivered to the town clerk by close of business Feb. 11 at 4:30 p.m.