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Shallows produce walleyes on Otter Tail for Wadena Fishing League

Week 3 was held on Otter Tail Lake, fishing from 6-9 p.m., with five teams showing up at start time. Fourteen walleyes over the minimum length of 13 inches were brought in to measure. The consensus among the teams was that the fish were surprisingly shallow even though the weather has been unsettled to say the least. The Walleye Wishers, composed of the John Anderson family, did the best bringing in five of the allotted six fish walleye boat limit. They caught their walleyes slow trolling Shad Raps in 4-6 feet of water, with Brittany Anderson catching most of the fish. Three of the other four teams were within talking distance most of the night with one team fishing shad-raps in 8-12 ft of water, catching three fish over 13 inches and the other two teams using live bait presentations.

Team Results Otter Tail Lake Yearly Total

Reel Fishermen 5 29

Spoonpluggers 4 28

Gulpies 7 16

Bass Holes 0 8

Walleye Wishers 10 27

Team J & J 5 14