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Lost in the woods

Staying put is the best thing to do if you get lost in the woods, Wadena County Sheriff Mike Carr said. It's human nature to want to get out, but for some reason, people tend to walk in circles when they get lost.

Law enforcement will come looking for you once they're notified you're missing, Carr said. The sheriff's department set up a search and rescue team immediately for Joyce Lake July 30 with a mobile command. They used a grid pattern for the search and people combed the woods walking six to seven feet apart, he said. A helicopter was on the way when she was found.

Before going into the woods, let someone know where you are going, Carr said. People should have a liquid to drink with them and a small survival kit. Wear clothing made for the woods and protect yourself from mosquitoes. It's always a good idea, too, to have your cell phone with you always if you have one, he said. Even if there's no reception where you are, law enforcement can track the cell phone signal.

Gather firewood and set up a camp if you think it's going to be a long haul, he said.

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