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Harper advancing to Golden Gloves national tournament

Wadena’s Kevin Harper will be representing Region 4 and the Upper Midwest May 13-18 at the 2013 Golden Gloves national boxing tournament in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Harper will be boxing in the 114-pound weight class in place of Region 1 boxer Zoo Vang. He will be joined at the nationals by fellow Region 4 boxers Sergio Garcia of Fergus Falls, Brandon Wellman of Hibbing, Sean Zavhar of St. Cloud and John LaPlante of St. Cloud.

The Region 4 team won the Upper Midwest team championship in the two days of action at Cass Lake.

Harper won his semifinal bout in the Upper Midwest tournament April 27 by decision over Region 2’s Damon Lochman. Vang stopped Harper on a decision in the Upper Midwest finals April 28.

Wadena’s John Johnson, T.J. Steward and Blake Herron also fought under the Region 4 banner with Johnson losing in the semifinals and Steward and Herron falling in the finals. Johnson lost his 132-pound fight with Region 2’s Blake Berse. Steward was defeated by Region 1’s Delorien Caraway at 152. Herron lost a decision to Region 2’s Justice Pomroy at 141.

Upper Midwest Results 


108: Brandon Wellman (Region 4) declared champion

114: Zoo Vang (Region 1) dec. Kevin Harper (Region 4)

123: Sergio Garcia (Region 4) dec. Nchatxu Vang (Region 1)

132: Tavaras Roberts (Region 3) over Blake Berse (Region 3) RSC 3rd Round

141: Justice Pomroy (Region 2) dec. Blake Herron (Region 4)

152: Delorien Caraway (Region 1) dec.  T.J. Steward (Region 4)

165: Anthony Rose (Region 1) dec. Nate Burkhalter (Region 2)

178: Sean Zavhar (Region 4) dec. Jeremiah Soft (Region 2)

HWT: Antonio Salazar (Region 2) dec. Leo Medal (Region 1)

SHWT: John LaPlante (Region 4) dec. Vince Downing (Region 1)


114: Kevin Harper (Region 4) dec. Damon Lochman (Region 2)

123: Nchatxu Vang (Region 1) by forfeit

132: Blake Berse (Region 2) dec. John Johnson (Region 1)

152: Delorien Caraway (Region 1) dec.  Flavio Becerra (Region 2)

165: Nate Burkhalter (Region 2) dec. Matt Breslin (Region 3)

178: Jeremiah Soft (Region 2) dec. Jason Wong (Region 1)

178: Sean Zavher (Region 4) dec. Joey Suda (Region 3)

HWT: Antonio Salazar (Region 2) dec. Matt Friesen (Region 3)

HWT: Leo Medal (Region 1) dec. Sam Anderson (Region 4)