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Baker earns top honors at NLS Invitational

Dalton Baker took top honors at 220 Jan. 18 as the Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale Raiders placed seventh in the eight-team New London-Spicer Invitational.

Baker pinned his way through the invitational and defeated New London-Spicer's Brandon Knisley at the 1:14 mark in the finals.

Hunter Truax challenged for first at 285 but lost by fall at the 1:31 mark in the championship finals to Minnetonka's Oscar Arteaga.

BHV's Zach Waln came up with a third place finish at 113, where he decisioned Eden Valley-Watkin's Tyler Donnay 6-0.

Anthony Kern took fourth at 106, losing to Lakeville South's Brady Bastyr 5-4.

Fifth place finishers for the Raiders included Charlie Nienaber at 170 and Justin Gordon at 120, Ethan Kimber at 138 and Charlie Nienaber at 170.

The Raiders were handicapped by illness and six of their wrestlers were unable to compete.

New London-Spicer won the eight-team invitational with 206.5 points. The Raiders came up with 87.

New London-Spicer Invite 2013

1. New London-Spicer 206.5, 2. Lakeville South 180, 3. Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 174, 4. Princeton 149, 5. Eden Valley Watkins 113.5, 6. Minnetonka 102, 7. Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 87.0, 8. Redwood Valley 51.0


1st: Thomas Stageberg (NLS) 3-0, Fr. over Brett Olsen (RV) 13-8, (Pin 4:41).

3rd: Brady Bastyr (LS) 7-3, 8th over Anthony Kern (BHV)16-9, So. (Dec. 5-4).


1st: Jakob Stagegerg (NLS) 3-0, Jr. over Josey Tensen (BBE) 16-3, (Dec 11-4).

3rd: Zack Waln (BHV) 10-6, 8th over Tyler Donnay (EVW)14-13, So. (Dec. 6-0).


1st: Oden Rogers (NLS) 3-0, Sr. over Zach Blonigen (EVW) 20-5, Sr. (Pin 4:58).

3rd: Dillon Thooft (RV) 17-7, over Colby Schramel (BBE) 9-10, (Dec. 2-1).

5th: Justin Gordon (BHV) 16-10, Jr. over Tim Bialka (P)15-9, 8th. (I-D 0:00).


1st: Tyler Tensen (BBE) 18-1, over Treyton Austvold (NLS) 1-1, So. (Dec. 3-2).

3rd: Kelby Johnson (LS) 13-10, Fr. over Weston Elias (M) 11-14, (Dec 3-1).


1st: Dylan Auren (P) 8-7, Fr. over Logan Eckhoff (NLS) 1-1, So. (Dec. 5-0).

3rd: Logan Foote (M) 2-1, over Treven Quade (BBE) 1-4, (Maj. Dec. 13-1).


1st: Dalton Peterson (LS) 15-4, So. over Logan Brink (NLS)1-1, Sr. (Dec 8-1).

3rd: Austin Jaeger (BBE) 14-6, over Jake Pramann (P)8-6, So. (Dec. 9-5).

5th: Ethan Kimber (BHV) 11-13, 8th. bye


1st: Shamar Williams (LS) 3-0, over Cain Renner (EVW) 19-4, Jr. (Dec 7-2).

3rd: Corbin Schwartz (NLS) 3-1, Sr. over Ethan Klein (M) 12-4, (Maj dec. 17-5).


1st: Jarrett Hatlestad (NLS) 3-0, Jr. over Alex Schramel (BBE) 13-9, (Pin 2:56).

3rd: Avery Garski (M) 17-9, over Nathan Hellman (P) 15-10, Fr. (Pin 0:50).


1st: Billy McClay (P)21-3, Jr. over Luke Kuechle (EVW)9-5, Jr. (Maj 8-0).

3rd: Matt Schmitz (BBE) 10-9, over Nick Zellmer (LS)8-12, Sr. (Pin 3:56).


1st: Austin Britnell (LS) 14-8, Sr. over Wyatt Ross (P)13-7, Jr. (Pin 0:37).

3rd: Ryan Masui (M) 2-2, over Ben Thompson (BBE)3-13, (Pin 2:42).

5th: Charlie Nienaber (BHV) 4-6, Fr. over Grant Winter (EVW)4-8, Jr. (Pin 3:28).


1st: Patrick Rooney of Belgrade Brooten Elrosa

2nd: Nick Foss of Lakeville South

3rd: Cole Warren of Princeton


1st: Lyle Miller (EVW) 9-9, Jr. over Tom Petersen (LS) 26-1, Sr. (I-D 0:38).

3rd: Brent Chambers (P) 10-14, Fr. over Noah Welsh (NLS) 2-2, So. (Dec. 8-1).


1st: Dalton Baker (BHV) 17-5, Jr. over Brandon Knisley (NLS) 2-1, So. (Pin 1:13).

3rd: Luke Winkelman (P) 14-9, Jr. over Adam Lucast (LS) 2-2, (Pin 4:23).


1st: Oscar Arteaga (M) over Hunter Truax (BHV )7-2, Sr. (Pin 1:41).

3rd: Alonte Alexander (LS) 16-7, Jr. over Ben Feuerhake (BBE) 6-9, (Pin 2:39).