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Mid-State boys' hockey squad includes Swanson, Pettit

Wadena-Deer Creek stars Mitchell Swanson and Bridger Pettit have been named to the Mid-State Conference hockey team for 2011-2012.

Swanson finished the season with 20 goals and 20 assists for a team-high 40 points. Pettit collected 18 goals and 14 assists en route to a 32-point season.

Joining Swanson and Pettit were Park Rapids' Sam Coborn, Levi Erickson, Benson Ringle and Ian Johnson; Northern Lakes' Joey Bergquist, Kegan Couture and Connor Chambers; Prairie Center's Nate Mettenberg, Cody Bartkowicz and Robby Polipnick and Detroit Lakes' Ethan Brekke and Alex Mason.