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Wolverines topple Rebels

A good night at the net propelled the Wadena-Deer Creek Wolverines past Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton 3-1 Tuesday night in their regular season finale.

Squaring off against the school they faced in the Section 8AA finals last year at Hawley, the Wolverines claimed 25-12 and 25-21 victories before falling to the Rebels 25-22 in Game 3. The Wolverines took the match with a 25-19 victory in Game 4.

Five WDC volleyers recorded blocks in the game, led by Emily Miron's 14 and Melissa Moenkedick's 10. The defensive-minded Wolverines also received 28 digs from Hope Theisen and 20 digs from Caitlin Volkmann.

Miron led the Wolverines with 22 kills while Brittney Noon collected 20. Volkmann came up with 12 and Avery Jackson had 10.

Heather Theisen contributed a whopping 56 set assists.

Hannah Young had 12 kills for the Rebels while Emily Frink came up with 18 digs and nine blocks and Mandy Mercil recorded 32 assists.

The Wolverines will take a 23-4 record into Section 8AA playoff action Friday. The Wolverines will host Hawley or Breckenridge.

WDC 25-25-22-25,

DGF 12-21-25-19

Caitlin Volkmann 1 ace serve, 4 blocks, 12 kills, 20 digs

Melissa Moenkedick 3 set assists, 10 blocks, 3 kills1 dig

Hope Theisen 1 ace serve, 28 digs

Brittney Noon 2 ace serves, 18 kills, 13 digs, 6 blocks

Sydney Schissel 12 digs

Avery Jackson 1 ace serve, 4 blocks, 10 kills, 18 digs

Heather Theisen 56 set assists, 17 digs

Emily Miron 14 blocks, 22 kills, 3 digs

Wolverines triumph in Alexandria Tournament

The Wolverines came back from a tough 3-2 dual meet loss to Bemidji to take top honors Saturday in the Alexandria Tournament.

Heather Theisen dished out 86 assists while Hope Theisen recorded 48 digs, Caitlin Volkmann had 36 digs and 25 kills, Brittney Noon had 26 kills and Emily Miron came up with 31 blocks and 34 kills.

"Our defense continues to play well and our offense is now getting spread out over a number of hitters who are being very successful and putting other team's defenses back on their heels," WDC Head Coach Sue Volkmann said.

Alexandria Tournament

Wadena-Deer Creek def. Alexandria 25-16, 25-18

Wadena-Deer Creek def. Elk River 25-18, 25-14

Wadena-Deer Creek def. Bemidji 25-18, 25-21


Wadena-Deer Creek def. North St. Paul 25-15, 18-25, 15-12

Caitlin Volkmann 5 blocks, 25 kills, 36 digs, 1 ace serve, 1 set assist

Melissa Moenkedick 13 blocks, 3 kills, 2 digs

Hope Theisen 48 digs

Brittney Noon 1 set assist, 10 blocks, 26 kills, 14 digs, 2 ace serves

Sydney Schissel 17 digs, 3 ace severs

Avery Jackson 3 set assists, 18 kills, 41 digs, 3 ace serve

Heather Theisen 86 set assists, 41 digs, 2 ace serves, 6 blocks

Emily Miron 31 blocks, 34 kills, 10 digs

Bemidji 3, WDC 2

Allie Heifort collected 25 kills Thursday as the Lumberjacks tripped the Wolverines in a five-game thriller.

The victory was Bemidji's second straight over WDC in less than a week. The Lumberjacks topped the defending Class 2A champs 2-1 last Saturday in the St. Michael-Albertville Tournament.

Kellie Morehouse backed Heifort up with 16 kills.

The Lumberjacks squeaked out a 26-24 win in Game 1 but the Wolverines rallied from three down to win Game 2 25-21. The seesaw swung back in Bemidji's favor in Game 3 as the Lumberjacks claimed a 25-22 win. The Lumberjacks were winning Game 4 21-20 before Brittney Noon, Avery Jackson and Emily Miron came up with kills for a 25-22 victory. The Lumberjacks opened an early 7-2 lead in the final game and then held off the Wolverines for a 15-11 win.

Bemidji was a good match for us because of the competition level it gave us," WDC Head Coach Sue Volkmann said. "We played well but there were a couple of our rotations that gave us problems that showed up in this game that weren't evident in our previous games because of the level of competition."

Noon had 20 kills for the Wolverines while Miron collected 18 and Caitlin Volkmann contributed 13. Hope Theisen combined with Volkmann for 49 digs.

Heather Theisen led the Wolverines with 52 set assists and Miron paced the team with nine blocks.

Bemidji 26-21-25-22-15,

Wadena-Deer Creek 24-25-22-25-11

Kills - Brittney Noon-20, Emily Miron-18, Avery Jackson-8, Caitlin Volkmann-13, Melissa Moenkedick-3

Digs - Brittney Noon-3, Emily Miron-2, Avery Jackson-13, Caitlin Volkmann-23, Melissa Moenkedick-3, Hope Theisen-26, Heather Theisen-18, Sydney Schissel-7

Serving - Brittney Noon-20 for 21 with an ace, Caitlin Volkmann-22 for 22, Avery Jackson-16 for 16 with an ace, Hope Theisen-14 for 14, Sydney Schissel-13 for 13, Heather Theisen-20 for 20 with an ace

Blocking - Heather Theisen-1, Caitlin Volkmann-2, Avery Jackson-2, Brittney Noon-6, Melissa Moenkedick-14, Emily Miron - 10

Setting Assists - Heather Theisen-52