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Danceline team gathers 33 dancers in varsity, JV

Photo by Brian Hansel Members of the 2010-2011 Wadena-Deer Creek dance line team are, first row, from left: Debbie Gilster, Lydia Burns, Molly Kraemer, Hanna Jacobsen, Erin Johnson, Courtney Selix, Katy Wegscheid and Lacey Malone. Second row, from left: Hope Dumpprope, Yana Bachman, Jenna Geiser, Sonja Kern and Brittany Andrews. Third row: Alex Rach, Charley Cantrell, Shaye Blessing, Kristyn Ament, Brianna Sundby, Brianna Rosenthal, Kylie Lupkes, Marissa Jahnke and Megan Rousslang. Fourth row, from left...

The Wadena-Deer Creek dance line team continues to grow as they head into their 2010-2011 season.

The Rhythmettes have 33 girls on their varsity and junior varsity squads. One of the highlights of the season comes up Dec. 22 when they will dance before the Minnesota Timberwolves-Utah Jazz game at Target Center.

Seniors on this year's team include Haley Anderson, Alicia Schmidt, Jenna Geiser and Sonja Kern. Juniors are Taylor Snyder, Charley Cantrell, Addie Dunker and Evelyn Kumano. Sophomore dancers include Jana Bachman, Sayde Anderson, Lindsey Eliason, Hanna Jacobson and Molly Kramer. Freshmen on the team are Brittney Andrews and Ella Harrison. The eight-grade ranks include Erin Johnson, Kylie Lupkes, Brianna Rosenthal, Megan Rousslang, Courtney Selix, Katy Wegscheid, Kristyn Ament, Shaye Blessing Marissa Jahnke and Autumn Jahnke. Seventh graders are Lydia Burns, Debbie Gilster and Lacey Malone.

Schmidt captains the team along with Haley and Sayde Anderson.

Hope Dumproppe is handling the duties of team manager.

"The larger the team gets, the more talent we discover," Motschenbacher said. "The dance program gets bigger and bigger each year which brings more talent."