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The Adventures of Brett Favre

The 2010 National Football League season has been a frustrating one for Minnesota fans and that frustration has a face -- it wears a scratchy beard.

Quarterback Brett Favre had to practically be dragged into camp. The guy was 40 years old at the time and has had a colorful career. He is coming off a sensational year and his team has the talent to go to the Super Bowl but Favre likes playing footsie with Zygi Wilf and Brad Childress. Without their pilot, the Vikes cannot take off, so Childress engineered a snatch job and Favre landed a few hours later in Minnesota.

What looks like a coup went bad as soon as the regular season began. The Vikes lost to the Saints and the Dolphins -- scoring just 19 points in the process. Favre was ineffective behind an offensive line that has forgotten how to block. His favorite target, Sidney Rice, was on crutches and the 2009 NFL Rookie of the Year, Percy Harvin, was suffering from migraines. The Vikes had scored 19 lousy points. This was not the way it was supposed to go.

A 24-10 victory over Detroit buoyed the spirits of Viking fans and then the Vikes really made a move: they traded for former great/bad boy Randy Moss.

Now the Vikes had a good deep threat for Favre but oh-oh, Favre was in trouble again, this time off the field. The NFL wanted to know the truth about allegations that he violated a personal conduct policy. He is looking at suspension if the two-year-old beef can be proven.

Sex and violence are hot copy so Favre was quickly back on top as Minnesota's most publicized player.

The Vikes lost to the Jets but they bumped off Dallas to enter their big game with Green Bay with a 2-3 mark.

Is this all part of a script that some Hollywood screenwriter has dreamed up?

The Vikes and the Packers played one of their classic back-and-forth battles at Lambeau last Sunday night and thanks to some horrible officiating and three interceptions of Favre passes, the Packers prevailed 28-24.

Favre emerged from the Green Bay game with a stress fracture in his left ankle and a fracture in his left heel. Suddenly, his NFL record 291-game streak of consecutive starts is in serious jeopardy. In his -- yes, his -- press conference Wednesday, he announced he wants to play.

The fact that the Vikes are 2-4 is regrettable but hey, forget the Vikes, all they do is play football. The real drama this fall is the Adventures of Brett Favre.

A healthy, productive quarterback is lynch pin of any NFL team. One of the litmus tests of a good season for a quarterback is his touchdowns to interceptions ratio. Following the Green Bay game, Favre had seven TD passes and 10 interceptions. Not good.