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Brett Favre and the good Rev. Norlien

Brett Favre and Fred Norlien would understand each other completely.

They are both playful specimens of the human race.

The Rev. Norlien was the man who took a bunch of us tenderfoots up to Boundary Waters Canoe Area many years ago. The trip proved to be a stressful, exasperating and unforgettable experience.

We were duped into believing that our leader just meant to introduce us to the beauties of the BWCA. He had much more than that on his agenda. He was going to play games with us.

You see "Father Fred" had our only map of the BWCA -- a terrific lake-laced gem in northeastern Minnesota. As the holder of the map he was the one who plotted our course.

"We are going to Little Sag today," he would announce and then point us in the general direction of the next portage -- which is a trail of land that connects one lake to another. We would take off and do the best we could to find the portage but in that wild country there were no signs saying "this way to Little Sag." It was a new experience for a bunch of western Minnesota teenagers.

To make matters worse, Father Fred had a mischievous habit of playing hide and seek with us. Someone would finally pipe up and ask "where is that portage?" and we would go looking for our guide to get the answer. This was the beginning of a game of hide and seek with our leader, who would wander off in his canoe like a kid in a candy shop. We wasted a lot of time looking for Father Fred and it seemed to delight him to no end.

A lot of Minnesota fans would like to give Favre a good kick in the pants as the media stakes out his place in Hattiesburg, Miss., panting for any news at all regarding his playing status for the 2010 season.

Favre has said he is waiting for his doctor to give him the green light after his ankle surgery.

The Green Bay Packers finally reached the point where they called Favre's bluff and went with Aaron Rodgers as their starting QB. Favre, the farmer from Mississippi, ended up signing with the New York Jets. He liked that experience so much that he left the Jets after one season and signed with the Vikings. At the time a lot of us loved it. The howl that went up from Packer Land was wonderful. Their former hero was going to play for the (if you are a Packer fan pause here to spit) Minnesota Vikings!

You are making a mistake if you look at Favre and see a 40-year-old adult who needs a shave. He is a 40-year-old pixie. He is that retriever that will not turn over the stick so you can throw it for him again. He wants to make you so mad that you will chase him for it.

I still think the only way you are going to keep Favre off the football field this year will be to shoot the guy.