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O'Kane second at Hoot Lake Triathlon

Photo by Brian Hansel Wadena's Chris O'Kane came up with a runner-up time of 1:11.31 Sunday morning in the Hoot Lake Triathlon. O'Kane competed in swimming, biking and running events.

Chris O'Kane was taking mental notes Sunday as he competed in the Hoot Lake Triathlon in Fergus Falls.

Even as O'Kane was testing himself in three radically different endurance races, he was preparing himself for the challenge of helping Corey Tabbert run the first Black's Grove River Crossing Mountain Bike Race Aug. 28.

When the competition ended for O'Kane 1:11:31 after he had started, he had some good ideas for the Black's Grove event, saw some accidents he hopes to avoid, and was second in the popular Fergus Falls event.

"It's really a challenge to train for three different events. It requires a lot of time," O'Kane said. "The difference between last year and this year is that I have invested a lot of time in training."

The 39-year-old dentist completed the quarter-mile swim in a time of 7 minutes, posted a 40:31 time in the 15.7-mile bike race and ran the 3.3-mile run in 22:10.

O'Kane was eighth in the swimming event, third in the biking and seventh in the running. A field of 164 men and women competed individually in the triathlon.

Fergus Falls' David Jensen, 26, won the triathlon with an overall time of 1:08:55. Jensen, who O'Kane praised as an "extremely gifted athlete," was seventh in the swimming, first in the biking and second in the running.

Dent's Ethan McMahon was 41st overall with a time of 1:26:07. McMahon's 5:56 time in the quarter-mile swim was the fastest in the triathlon. Jensen was the fastest biker with a 40:11. Drew Campbell of Lake Elmo ranked first in the running portion of the triathlon with a 19:52.

Top 25 Finishers

1. David Jensen (FF) 1:08:55

2. Chris O'Kane (Wadena) 1:11:31

3. Kyle Klooster (Holland, Mich.) 1:11:49

4. Frank Campbell (Lake Elmo) 1:11:58

5. Matthew Burrell (Indianapolis, Ind.) 1:12:24

6. Jake Cooley (Grand Forks, N.D.) 1:14.07

7. Jeremy Manstrom (Bismarck, N.D.) 1:14:20

8. Friend Bechtel (Elk River) 1:14:39

9. Paul Shol (Fargo, N.D.) 1:15:13

10. Tyler Zima (Moorhead) 1:15:45

11. Sean Cooley (Grand Forks, N.D.) 1:16:13

12. Drew Campbell (Lake Elmo) 1:16:16

13. Nathan Jensen (Fergus Falls) 1:16.25

14. Steve Moser (Fargo, N.D.) 1:18.10

15. Tim Sykes (Fertile) 1:18:47

16. Bill McKinney (Minneapolis) 1:19:01

17. Greg Trautwein (Minneapolis) 1:19:18

18. Larry Bethel (Fergus Falls) 1:19:34

19. Mark Johnson (Moorhead) 1:19:46

20. Zack Beatty (Minneapolis) 1:19:38

21. Michael Walery (Grand Forks, N.D.) 1:20:32

22. Kari Campbell (Lake Elmo) 1:20:33

23. Mike Jennen (Eden Prairie) 1:20:49

24. Dave Schwiltz (Little Canada) 1:20:56

25. Scott Tollefson (Minneapolis) 1:20:59