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Foxy Favre has unfinished business

Brett Favre has made it pretty clear that he enjoys being foxy just as much as he enjoys throwing touchdown passes.

Now we are supposed to believe that Favre's bum ankle is going to prevent him from playing football this fall. You might be closer to the truth if you suspect that Favre is using it as an excuse for missing those fun-filled training camp workouts in Mankato.

Favre is coming off a solid season which saw him throw for 4,200 yards and 33 touchdowns. He had a blast playing for Minnesota last year and there is every reason to believe that when the Vikings travel to New Orleans Sept. 9 for a "made for prime-time" rematch the Saints, No. 4 is going to be in purple.

Favre is a guy who loves to play football and he has the kind of pride that is going to keep him playing the game for awhile. His age does not have that much to do with it. If he played football with his head he might have packed it up a couple of seasons ago when he parted company with the Green Bay Packers.

It might also be a good guess that Favre has some unfinished business. He took the Vikes to the NFC Championship game last January, but not to the Super Bowl. The Vikings racked up twice the yardage that New Orleans did but shot themselves in the foot so many times they managed to lose a 31-28 overtime decision. Favre was a major culprit in that loss and he can only vindicate himself by taking the field again this fall.

Of course there is a lot more at stake this season for the Vikings than there is for Favre. Zygi Wilf was counting on Favre to help him coax a new football stadium out of the state. Write a different ending to the 2009-10 season, one where Favre leads the Vikings to their first Super Bowl victory, and that could have happened. The Vikings would be kissing off the Metrodome and heading for a new playground, complete with the luxury box seating that will make it cost-effective to keep the Vikings in Minnesota.