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Breakdown's timing is perfect for WDC coach, players

Sue Volkmann and her Wadena-Deer Creek Wolverines received some great and well-timed news in the mail on Wednesday.

Breakdown's Class AA state volleyball ratings arrived at the Volkmann farm Wednesday afternoon and when Sue's daughter, Courtney, a senior on this year's team and saw the No. 1 rating for WDC she yelled the good news to her mother, who was standing on a pile of debris.

Sue started jumping up and down.

"It sure did make a bad situation good for awhile," laughed Sue, who had several of her volleyball players helping her family clear the terrible damage done to the Volkmann farm, 1 1/4 miles northwest of Bluffton, by a June 17 tornado.

The same storm that spawned the tornado that hit the Volkmann farm left WDC High School in shambles. The decision has already been made to move this year's WDC games to WDC Elementary, which was the team's home prior to the building of the high school addition in 1992. Volkmann considers the elementary facility to be an excellent one for volleyball.

"They have a new floor and new lights," Volkmann said.

The Wolverines have played in the Class AA state tournament for two years in a row. They earned consolation honors in 2009 by defeating New London-Spicer and Byron after losing to top-ranked Marshall.

Volkmann has a veteran team returning this season. She lost only one senior, Kelly DeFoe, to graduation.