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Wadena skipper Bob Tubandt named Upper Midwest Coach of the Year

Wadena's Bob Tubandt has been chosen the Upper Midwest Coach of the Year for the second time in his career.

Bob Tubandt recently found out he has a lot more people in his corner than he ever knew.

The head man of the Wadena Boxing Club was recently chosen the Upper Midwest Golden Gloves Coach of the Year.

Tubandt's ties with boxing go back to 1959 when he started throwing punches. The end of his 10-year ring career was the beginning his coaching career. He won his first Upper Midwest Coach of the Year award in 1985 and has a Wadena team that packed the Wadena Armory for Saturday night fights four times this winter. The Wadena Armory holds more than 350.

Tubandt will receive his Coach of the Year award Saturday at the Upper Midwest Tournament in Walker. Tubandt will also be coaching two of his fighters in the Upper Midwest -- Justin Isaacson and Dewayne Steward.

Tubandt is regarded as a dedicated coach who has built consistency into his program through hard work. In addition to a strong boxing club, Tubandt has the support of volunteers, fans and area businesses.