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Isaacson, Steward draw for Upper Midwest opponents Friday

Wadena boxers Justin Isaacson and Dewayne Steward will draw their opponents Friday morning for the two-day Upper Midwest Tournament at Walker's Northern Lights Casino.

Both boxers are eligible for byes in the opening round unless they draw a first round foe.

Isaacson, who has won the bulk of his 15 fights, could fight either Aaron Green of Minneapolis or Jared Guerrero of St. Paul in the super heavyweight division.

"He's just a strong, come forward boxer," Wadena boxing coach Bob Tubandt said. "He comes in to get it done."

Steward, a veteran with over 100 fights to his credit, could face St. Paul's Robert Brant or North Dakota's Scott Abdal. Brant has been ranked in the top two nationally this year. Steward was ranked ninth in the nation at one time and won an Upper Midwest title two years ago.

"Dewayne is a just a very well-conditioned boxer that punches from bell-to-bell," Tubandt said.

Friday's action gets under way at 7 p.m. While Saturday's boxing commences at 1 p.m.

Tubandt is set to receive the second Upper Midwest "Coach of the Year" award of his career Saturday. He received his first award in 1985.