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Rhythmette Review

Wadena-Deer Creek Dance Team members and their partners perform for the crowd at the 16th annual Rhythmette Review Monday afternoon at WDC High School.1 / 12
Alicia Schmidt does the solo number "Slow Me Down."2 / 12
Rhythmette Clinic first and second graders Justise Voge, left, Nevada Schulz, Courtney Warren, Ashley Kern and Madisyn Missling dance to "Kiss the Girl."3 / 12
4 / 12
Photos by Brian Hansel The WDC Dance Team shows their dancing skills during "Hip Hop."5 / 12
Lexie Homberg dances to "Hip Hop."6 / 12
Mary McGrane goes to the air during "Secrets."7 / 12
Lacey Malone, left, Brooke Hollweg and Kendra Evans take the front row as the Middle Kix dancers perform "Stand."8 / 12
Wadena Just for Kix Wee Petite dancers kick up a storm during "Mr. Sandman."9 / 12
Stephanie Hahn dances to "Freak Show" with other members of the WDC Dance Team.10 / 12
Pre-K dancers Madelyn Gallant and Jordan O'Kane look "Fabulous" for their Rhythmette Clinic number.11 / 12
Members of the Wadena Deer Creek dance team partner-up for a number.12 / 12