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Cardinals are too much on the mats

The Staples-Motley Cardinals won 11 of 14 matches Tuesday in defeating Wadena-Deer Creek 51-13 in a Mid-State Conference match.

Mitch Steffens, Jordan Rentz and Jacob Wegscheid tacked up victories for the Wolverines at 112, 135 and 140 respectively. Steffens leads the team in victories with a 19-3 mark.

The Cards won the last seven matches of the night.

Staples-Motley 51,

Wadena-Deer Creek 13

103: Blake Miller (SM) maj. dec. Josh Lawson (WDC) 13-1

112: Mitch Steffens (WDC) pinned Tyler Pogreba (SM) 3:04

119: Jordan Heldman (SM) pinned Devin Barthel (WDC) 1:41

125: Brady Killian (SM) pinned Zack Bernu (WDC) 3:29

130: Dylan Kylander (SM) won by forfeit

135: Jordan Rentz (WDC) dec. Sam Duberowski (SM) 4-1

140: Jacob Wegscheid (WDC) maj. dec. Ryan Kobliska (SM) 10-2

145: Taylor Bendson (SM) dec. Derrick Rude (WDC) 9-5

152: Jordan Bendson (SM) pinned Jacob Ludovissie (WDC) 3:15

160: Chandler Trout (SM) dec. Aaron Uselman (WDC) 15-9

171: Dylan Shequen (SM) tech. fall Isaac Lustila (WDC) 4:27

189: Blake Petrich (SM) pinned Nolan Johnson (WDC) 3:14

215: Ryan Detloff (SM) dec. Tony Reurink (WDC)7-2

Hwt: David DeYonge (SM) dec. Tyler Wohlwend (WDC) 8-4

Wolverines place fourth in Mahnomen-Waubun Duals

The Wolverines placed fourth at Mahnomen but lost junior captain Jared Wegscheid for the remainder of the season.

Wegscheid, who has been enjoying a terrific season and recently passed the century mark in career victories, suffered a broken hand. Wegscheid's season ends with a 17-6 record.

"The loss of Jared is huge," Coach Norm Gallant said. "Anytime you lose one of your horses it is tough, particularly when we are short in those weights anyway."

Gallant was impressed with the effort Tony Reurink gave against Crookston's fourth-ranked senior Brody Davidson. Reurink tried a last second headlock in the 215-pound match and was taken down at the buzzer for a 7-3 loss.

"Tony was awesome," Gallant said. "He has great mat sense and doesn't get flustered in big situations. Not many freshman would perform that well, especially at the big weights. Tony is only going to get better and by the end of the year -- look out."

The Wolverines also had to weather a rib injury to Derrick Rude in their third place loss to Badger-Greenbush-Middle River and forfeited three weights.

Mitch Steffens and Isaac Lustila were triple winners for the Wolverines.

Mahnomen-Waubun Cougar Duals

Third Place

Badger/Greenbush-Middle River 55, Wadena-Deer Creek 22


Frazee 43, Crookston 22

WDC 60, UNC 10

103 Sam Tellers (UNC) major dec. Josh Lawson (WDC) 10-0

112 Mitch Steffens (WDC) pinned Brody Benson (UNC) :29

119 Devin Barthel (WDC) pinned Logan Walz (UNC) :55

125 Zack Bernu (WDC) pinned Kieler Skaro (UNC) :44

130 Jordan Rentz (WDC) pinned Max Pajari (UNC) 1:58

135 Max Aho (UNC) dec. Jared Wegscheid (WDC) 6-3

140 Jacob Wegscheid (WDC) maj. dec. Mike Johnson (UNC) 15-4

145 Derrick Rude (WDC) dec. Dylan Huttunen (UNC) 5-1

152 Taylor Carlson (UNC) dec. Jake Ludovissie (WDC) 6-4

160 Aaron Uselman (WDC) pinned Tyler Meech (UNC) 1:32

171 Nolan Johnson (WDC) pinned Dannon Yliniemi (UNC) 3:22

189 Isaac Lustila (WDC) won by forfeit

215 Tyler Wohlwend (WDC) pinned Brennen Brockpahler (UNC) :44

HWT Tony Reurink (WDC) pinned Bryson Vasey (UNC) 1:44

Crookston 40, Wadena Deer Creek 33

103 Troy Weiland (CRX) pinned Josh Lawson (WDC) :51

112 Mitch Steffens (WDC) pinned Nathan Merten (CRX) 2:27

119 Wyatt Hanson (CRX) pinned Zach Bernu (WDC) 2:44

125 Zane Baranski (CRX) won by forfeit

130 Ben Genereux (CRX) dec. Jordan Rentz (WDC) 6-3

135 Javier Portillo (CRX) pinned Jared Wegscheid (WDC) :38

140 Mariano Portillo (CRX) maj. dec. Jacob Wegscheid (WDC) 11-3

145 Derrick Rude (WDC) pinned Blake Erickson (CRX) 1:54

152 Anthony Caputo (CRX) pinned Jacob Ludovissie (WDC) 5:48

160 Aaron Uselman (WDC) pinned Cody Osland (CRX) :18

171 Isaac Lustila (WDC) pinned Josh Edlund (CRX) :44

189 Nolan Johnson (WDC) pinned Austin Schwede (CRX) 1:46

215 Brody Davidson (CRX) dec. Tony Reurink (WDC) 7-3

285 Tyler Wohlwend (WDC) dec. Nicholas Merten (CRX) 4-1

Third Place

Badger/Greenbush-Middle River 55,

Wadena-Deer Creek 22

103 Isaac Novacek (GMRB) pinned Josh Lawson (WDC) 4:19

112 Mitch Steffens (WDC) won by forfeit

119 Zack Bernu (WDC) pinned Jordan Wahl (GMRB) 2:12

125 Skylar Price (GMRB) maj. dec. Jordan Rentz (WDC) 11-3

130 Storm Booe (GMRB) won by forfeit

135 Thomas Gullikson (GMRB) won by forfeit

140 Tomm Ingle (GMRB) dec. Jacob Wegscheid (WDC) 8-4

145 Jacob Jenson (GMRB) won by forfeit

152 Tejay Wojchowski (GMRB) pinned Jacob Ludovissie (WDC) 3:44

160 Trevor Jenson (GMRB) dec. Aaron Uselman (WDC) 8-4

171 Isaac Lustila (WDC) pinned Timm Ingle (GMRB) 4:49

189 Ben Evans (GMRB) pinned Nolan Johnson (WDC)

215 Tony Reurink (WDC) maj. dec. Anthony Lorenson (GMRBB) 12-4

285 Alex Yeager (GMRB) pinned Tyler Wohlwend (WDC)