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Steffens, Wegscheid take runner-up honors

Wadena-Deer Creek's Aaron Uselman puts Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale wrestler Justin Kern on his head during their 171-pound match Saturday in the Wolverine Invitational.

Mitch Steffens and Jacob Wegscheid got their wrestling seasons off to a good start Saturday as the Wadena-Deer Creek veterans earned runner-up finishes in the annual Wolverine Invitational.

Steffens, a state-ranked wrestler at 112, pinned Josh Meyer of Sauk Centre at the 1:42 mark to reach the finals. There he ran into Jacoby Bergeron, a Thief River Falls star who posted a 16-6 major decision. Bergeron won the Class A 103-pound title last year as a sophomore.

Wegscheid pinned Thief's Holden Nelson at the 5:23 mark of the 140 semis before losing to Darian Rubner 3-1 of Pequot Lakes/Pine River-Backus.

WDC's Aaron Uselman wrestled a gutsy tournament to place third at 171. Uselman was injured last year and his loss at 160 was a major blow to the Wolverines, according to head coach Norm Gallant. Uselman came back from a 14-8 loss to Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale's Justin Kern to edge Tim Ingle of Badger-Greenbush-Middle River 3-1 in overtime. Gallant rated his 3-1 performance "the best tournament of his career."

Also finishing third for the Wolverines were Jordan Rentz at 130 and Jared Wegscheid at 135. Rentz came back from a 6-3 lost to Thief's Mike Dyrdal to pin Sauk Centre's Tom Latzka. Wegscheid rebounded from a 12-4 major loss decision by Thief's Kyle LeDuc to decision Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale's Kody Graba 3-1.

Zack Bernu and Dylan Anderson gave the Wolverines fourth place finishes at 119 and 215 while Sam Waln (103), Jacob Ludovissie (152), Isaac Lustila (189) and Tony Reurink (285) all placed fifth.

WDC's Derrick Rude lost his bid for fifth at 145 on an injury default.

The Wolverines placed fourth in the eight-team tournament with 138.5 points. Badger-Greenbush-Middle River edged Perham 190-185 for top honors. Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale finished eighth with 61 points.

Justin Kern gave the Raiders a first at 171 when he notched a 10-0 major decision over Sauk Centre's Nathan Walter.

BHV's Dan Houchin was third at 119 with a victory over Bernu at the 1:38 mark.

Perham's Charlie Schmitz captured his 100th career victory en route to a 10-4 victory in the 160-pound championship.

Wolverine Invitational

Team Results

Badger-Greenbush-Middle River (BGM) 190, Perham (Per) 185, Thief River Falls (TRF) 183.5, Wadena-Deer Creek (WDC) 138.5, Pequot Lakes/Pine River Backus (PPB) 124, Sauk Centre (SC) 109.5, Long Prairie Grey Eagle (LPG) 62, Bertha Hewitt/Verndale (BHV) 61

Individual Results

103 Pounds

1. Isaac Novacek BGM Fall 2:18

2. Austen Hjelle TRF

3. James Harlow PER 9-6

4. Anthony Phillipson PPB

5. Sam Waln WDC Maj. 9-0

6. Jacki Swenson BHV

Semi Finals

Novacek Fall :36 over Harlow

Hjelle Fall 2:30 Phillipson


1. Jacoby Bergeron TRF maj 16-6

2. Mitch Steffens WDC

3. Brandon Lueders Per Fall 4:36

4. Brandon Waage BGM

5. Josh Meyer SC Fall 1:38

6. Nick Gravdahl PPB

Semi Finals

Bergeron TF 5:47 over Lueders

Steffens fall 1:42 over Meyer


1. Sam Twistol TRF 7-0

2. Luke Sailer Per

3. Dan Houchin BHV Fall 1:38

4. Zack Bernu WDC

5. Derek Karash SC Bye

Semi Finals

Sailer fall 1:10 over Bernu

Twistol Fall :47 over Houchin


Sam Warne Per 7-4

Chaz Abrahamson TRF

Storm Booe BGM Fall 2:13

Shane Trattles SC

Drey Loge PPB Fall :40

Thomas Haugen LPG

Semi Finals

Warne fall 3:00 over Trattles

Abrahamson 5-2 Booe


Skyler Price BGM 9-7 OT

Mike Dyrdal TRF

Jordan Rentz WDC Fall 3:30

Tom Latzka SC

Brady Sazama Per Fall 4:25

Kyle Jordan PPB

Semi Finals

Price maj 11-0 Latzka

Dyrdal 6-3 Rentz


Kyle LeDuc TRF Maj 16-3

Cody Schrupp PPB

Jared Wegscheid WDC 3-1

Kody Graba BHV

Jostin Cole SC Inj Def

Jake Jenson BGM

Semi Finals

LeDuc maj 12-4 Wegscheid

Schrupp Fall 3:09 Graba


Darian Rubner PPB 3-1

Jacob Wegscheid WDC

Thomas Gullickson BGM Fall 2:18

Jamie Wright LPG

Holden Nelson TRF Fall 4:58

Dan Karasch SC

Semi Finals

Rubner 7-3 OT Gullickson

Wegscheid Fall 5:23 Nelson


Lucian Grow SC Fall 2:57

Peter Harrison PPB

Tanner Sovde BGM Fall 4:46

Tay Doll Per

Cody Bannert TRF Inj Def

Derrick Rude WDC

Semi Finals

Grow maj 11-3 Sovde

Harrison Fall 5:06 Rude


Levi Allen PPB 8-2

Tomm Ingle BGM

Cody Palubicki Per 4-3

Kyle Middendorf LPG

Jacob Ludovissie WDC 8-6

Jason Brinkman TRF

Semi Finals

Allen 10-8 Brinkman

Ingle 8-6 Middendorf


Charlie Schmitz Per 10-4

Chris Harrison PPB

Lenard Bennett LPG 4-2

Logan Alten TRF

John Westman BGM Bye

Semi Finals

Schmitz 11-8 Alten

Harrison Fall :28 Westman


Justin Kern BHV maj 10-0

Nathan Walter SC

Aaron Uselman 3-1 OT

Timm Ingle BGM

Gene Schleeter Per Fall 1:58

Joel Schramm TRF

Semi Finals

Kern 14-8 Uselman

Walter 7-5 Ingle


1. John Gusewelle SC TF 2:48

2. Timber Holmquist LPG

3. Chris Scheidecker Per maj 11-3

4. Ben Evans BGM

5. Isaac Lustila WDC Fall 2:04

6. Codey Lang TRF

Semi Finals

Gusewelle Fall :51 Scheidecker

Holmquist Fall 4:49 Evans


Cole Christianson BGM 8-2

Ben Brill Perham

Orlando Peralta TRF 9-2

Dylan Anderson WDC

Dylan Koppendrayer BHV

Semi Finals

Christianson Fall :38 Anderson

Brill 8-3 Peralta


Jesse Hein Per 8-7

Alex Yeager BGM

Nick Cervantes TRF Fall 3:57

Colin Turchin BHV

Tony Reurink WDC Fall :50

Kody Kunerth LPG

Semi Finals

Yeager BGM 8-7 Cervantes

Hein 8-5 Turchin