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Wolverines rally past Bears 3-2

The Wadena-Deer Creek Wolverines dug themselves a hole at Bertha Tuesday night before rallying for a 3-2 victory over the Bears.

The five-game battle between the two state-ranked volleyball powers saw Janelle Bright's Class A Bears winning the first two games 25-23 and 25-22.

Sue Volkmann's Class AA Wolverines, who were coming off a championship performance in the Pierz Invitational last Saturday, stormed back to win 25-16 and 25-14 and set up a fifth-game tiebreaker.

"We made a change in our rotation after the second game and it really turned the games around and once we got going we played aggressive," Volkmann said.

The Wolverines grabbed an early advantage in Game 5 but the Bears made them work for their 15-13 win.

Courtney Volkmann had a whopping 47 assists to go along with 25 digs, 11 kills and seven ace serves. Rachel Craig came up with 23 blocks and Kelly DeFoe had 17. Mandy Perkins had 21 digs. Brittney Noon collected 20 kills while Kelsi Crawford recorded 11.

"Bertha-Hewitt is a very good team with a lot of seniors and it shows. We had our chances in the first two games but had way too many unforced errors especially late in the games," Volkmann said. "We need to learn to step up and really stay focused especially at the end of games and make better decisions at crucial times."

WDC 23-22-25-25-15,

B-H 23-22-16-14-13

Kills-Courtney Volkmann-11, Kelly DeFoe-6, Brittney Noon-20, Rachel Craig-4, Kelsi Crawford-11

Defensive digs-Courtney Volkmann-25, Brittney Noon-13, Avery Jackson-12, Mandy Perkins-21, Caitlin Volkmann-9, Kelsi Crawford-6, Hope Theisen-11

Serving-Courtney Volkmann-22 for 26 with 7 aces, Brittney Noon-14 for 16 with 2 aces, Avery Jackson-16 for 17, Mandy Perkins-14 for 14, Caitlin Volkmann-19 for 19, Hope Theisen-17 for 17

Blocking-Courtney Volkmann-11, Kelly DeFoe-17, Rachael Carlisle-7, Brittney Noon-3, Rachel Craig-23, Kelsi Crawford-2

Setting Assists-Courtney Volkmann-47

WDC 25-25-25,

PR-B 19-12-16

Courtney Volkmann had 29 assists and served seven aces last Thursday as the Wolverines swept the Tigers on their home court.

Noon paced the Wolverines in kills with 13 while Rachel Craig blocked eight shots.

Wadena-Deer Creek 25-25-25,

Pine River-Backus 19-12-16

Kills-Courtney Volkmann-3, Kelly DeFoe-5, Rachael Carlisle-3, Brittney Noon-13, Rachel Craig-8, Kelsi Crawford-5

Defensive digs-Courtney Volkmann-5, Brittney Noon-5, Avery Jackson-8, Mandy Perkins-7, Rachel Craig-3, Caitlin Volkmann-8, Hope Theisen-8

Serving-Courtney Volkmann-13 for 16 with 7 aces, Brittney Noon-7 for 8 with an ace, Avery Jackson-16 for 18 with 2 aces, Mandy Perkins-14 for 14 with an ace, Caitlin Volkmann-6 for 6, Hope Theisen-12 for 12

Blocking-Courtney Volkmann-4, Kelly DeFoe-5, Rachael Carlisle-3, Rachel Craig-8

Setting Assists-Courtney Volkmann-29