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VanErp Football Camp

Big Alex Haas squares away to block.1 / 7
Brady VanErp brings an armful of yellow jerseys for the players.2 / 7
Tom VanErp ran a three-day camp in Wadena. His high school team reports for practice Aug. 17. The high school season kicks off Sept. 4 when the Wolverines host Park Rapids.3 / 7
Aaron Kern carries the ball after a reception during passing drills. Kern will be a senior captain on the WDC high school team this fall.4 / 7
Colter Pettit scrambles away from trouble under a pass rush by Duke Harrison, left, and Stephen Peterson.5 / 7
Freshman quarterback Evan VanErp drops back to pass behind protection from Stephen Peterson and Josh Youngbauer.6 / 7
Colter Pettit fires a pass during Tom VanErp's football camp Wednesday evening at the Senior High field.7 / 7