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Beautiful ND, a cemetery of "the healer" peonies in bloom; a sheaf of wheat

It's a beautiful time of year in eastern North Dakota, yes? I just got back to town after two weeks in the United Kingdom, including a look-in at the 8th World Potato Congress. When we got home, we got out into the country to look at how the crops are doing. I see some yellowing soybeans.

My favorite girl (celebrating 30th anniversary in about a week) and I drove out to beautiful Buffalo, N.D., in western Cass County, where we went to one of my favorite cemeteries. The town was laid out and platted in 1879 and the plat filed in 1880. There are numerous sites, including the Old 10 bar and grill.

The area includes numerous interesting homes and churches, as well as being home to the Red Trail Vineyard Grape Stomp in August, but this time of year I like to look at the cemetery. If you catch it just right, you'll see 1,000 peonies blooming. The first of them were planted in 1911 by Emma More, wife of the local banker, affter her son, David, was tragically killed in a train accident. She chose only peonies ("the healer" flower, in Greek), and is buried there. My favorite headstone is one that has sculpture of a thick sheaf of wheat on top - a tribute from a farmer named Buckley, to his maker, I'm thinking.

If you're so inclined, the cemetery is on the east side of town, three miles north of Interstate 94 at exit 314. I'd guess this would make a perfect motorcycle or day-trip car drive.