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City looks to spring recreation projects

The Wadena City Council deliberated about several recreational issues on its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday.

Kyle Dykhoff approached the council about the upcoming Little League season with the diamond destroyed in the tornado, proposing to have the field rebuilt ready for June 11.

"The interest is there and will continue to be there," he said.

Dykhoff said the Minnesota Twins youth clinic would be in town.

"The only thing I would be asking from the city is to prepare the area, level it out, get black dirt there, so that we can sod in an infield and grow grass there and get it ready to go. The rest of the cost would be taken care of by the youth baseball," Dykhoff said, adding that they also wanted a warming house.

City administrator Brad Swenson said there were concerns about insurance.

Council member Toby Pierce said there was a problem with the possible elimination of the outdoor hockey rink.

Mayor Wayne Wolden said the old outdoor rink has noxious gas, and hopefully when the new community center is built, it will have an outdoor practice rink.

County Commissioner Bill Stearns, who attended the city council meeting, said that the history of the outdoor hockey rink was that people wanted a rink which could be used outside the Hockey Association.

Wolden said the Park Board recommendation would be next month.

The council approved American Ramp for skate park equipment.

Public Works Director Ron Bucholz said the skate park project had started in May, but was put on hold after the tornado.

Among the proposals, he said he recommended American Ramp and that it fit within the $30,000 budget. The equipment would be made of strong concrete, which youth representatives had wanted.

"This would be for the more advanced skateboard," Bucholz said, adding that the existing equipment was more suited for beginner and intermediate skateboarding.

Council member Toby Pierce said the Playful City USA program offers grants.

The council also approved Signature Aquatics for restoring the wading pool which had been damaged in the June 17 tornado.

"We didn't salvage the filter, we salvaged the two pumps," Bucholz said. "They were the most expensive parts of it."

The council also discussed pool activities as the main municipal pool was totaled in the tornado.

Mayor Wayne Wolden said they should see if the school system would coordinate pool activities, since the city no longer has a pool.

The council approved a motion to place bids for local contractors to rebuild the Tapley Park shelter.

The council approved the recreation fund balance transfer to the general fund.